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VMWare + Firefox 3.6

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Been trying to figure out the problem for some time. When you connect with Firefox to a VMWare web interface it fails with some sort of SSL issue.

To fix this you need to reenable SSLv2 in Firefox:

  • enter about:config in the location bar
  • set security.enable_ssl2 to true

Great security, thank you VMWare!

New PGP key

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Due some weird problem with my old PGP key (gnupg couldn't verify signatures any more) I have created a new PGP Key.

As of today, please disregard the old key and only use my new one. You can find it here and the new fingerprint is appended to all my emails as well as stated here:

C2BF ED57 0057 FB92 C90A
D86F FAED 4C3B 4CB2 5115

The key has also been pushed to all the relevant key servers for your convenience.

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