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In case someone has missed the news: There is a weakness discovered in the TKIP protocol rendering WPA protected WiFi networks vulnerable to individual packet decryption. Some details from the ars technica article:

With the Tews/Beck method, an attacker sniffs a packet, makes minor modifications to affect the checksum, and checks the results by sending the packet back to the access point. "It's not a key recovery attack," Tews said, "It just allows you to do the decryption of individual packets." This approach works only with short packets, but could allow ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) poisoning and possibly DNS (Domain Name Service) spoofing or poisoning.

To make a long story short, protect yourself by not using TKIP but switching to AES to encrypt keys.

On a side note: It seems that Apple's airport extreme uses TKIP in WPA/WPA2 mode and relies on AES in WPA2 only mode.

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